Let's do it
I ignored the obvious but a boring structure of tasks and duties, this is the best way to scare any kid away from the application. Also, that will not create a feeling of parent's attention through the app. Have you ever seen a friendly and loving Excel spreadsheet?

This app is for a better, closer and more qualitative interaction within families.

Daily chores
- daily
- put up by family members or on their own initiative to get more points
- quests, to achieve the goal (travel, a big purchase) can be delivered by the kid or one of the parents

- rewards (5 high marks in a row, 3 completed tasks without leaving the application)

- accumulation points, they can be spent on entertaining things or converted into money

Family quests
Here you can create goals (travel, a big purchase) and can be delivered by the kid or one of the parents

Kid can see who needs help and who is available to help.
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